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With an ever increasing competitive pressure and facing often small margins, the controlling of inner service productivity is an important instrument for the company’s success.

No company wants to waive possible statements regarding e.g. its own cross-/up-selling potential of additional or high-quality products. This accounts also for customer potential analyses and the detailed management of all sales channels. An optimization of the inner service productivity does not only positively affect the efficiency of its company, but is often also reflected by the customer behavior:

  • A more active market processing also enables a higher market penetration and reaching a higher number of potential prospects. INFONEA offers full transparency and a holistic view at your customers.
  • Sales productivity can also be increased by enhancing the contact quality. Therefore, INFONEA offers analyses to offer a certain customer the fitting product at an adequate price. At the same time, the internal process can be aligned so that only the employee with the highest expertise in one area deals with expanding this specific prospect.
  • The more the inner service’s activities are aligned with the actual customers’ demands, the more likely is a won sales deal or stable customer retention for a long period of time.

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Screen of Analysis of Inner Service Productivity