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Connect information. Quickly recognize anomalies. Use insights profitably.

The questions from the business at the IT are versatile and can only be answered by the combination of knowledge from a variety of sources. The INFONEA IT Cockpit aggregates and consolidates all relevant data, presents them platform-independently and target group-oriented. Thus, it offers a central tool for the view on the status of an enterprises’ global IT to the CIO and IT Management.

In the context of information and cyber security, CIOs and their teams have a close look at all incoming events. Yet, only the number of incidents alone does not count for much. Only the interconnected view at factors such as:

  • Which systems have been affected?
  • Has the processing duration changed?
  • Can conclusions be drawn regarding retention periods, which geographies are involved, etc.?

leads to a high-quality statement.

Business questions: a mere information such as “In the future, our company should be growing inorganically” has a significant impact for the IT. That is: the IT requires staff with the abilities of “change agents”. More security incidents will occur. There will be a change in demand. If this statement can be made early in time via the IT Cockpit, the company achieves a response head-start.

If incidents and problems are regarded in a ticket system with respect to quantitative changes, changes in systemic interrelations, severity levels etc., with a future-oriented view the company can anticipate information and reactions for staffing as well as the general developments up to certain level.

Read more, how INFONEA deals with the question of incoming tickets over a course of time by means of Predictive Analytics.

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