Customer Service Optimization Customer Service Optimization


A customer-specific address is the key to each marketing strategy.

The more specific the customer’s requirements and demands are addressed, the more promising are actual sales opportunities.

INFONEA enables a calculation of customer value segments based on revenue or other attributes saved in the database (e.g. on a rolling 12-month-basis). Integrate additional revenue or churn forecasts with a monthly simple or complex calculation of the individual current or expected customer value with regard to sales, revenue, fixed as well as variable costs, etc. INFONEA makes the respective segment assignment available for all operating and dispositive systems as well as for reporting and deep-dive analyses.

INFONEA supports you in using the customer value segmentation for a targeted offering and service optimization: offer your customers optimized services and make them attractive offers designed towards their buying behavior.

Your benefit

  • Cost optimization in customer service and offer structure
  • Customer retention of the most valuable customers
  • Enhancement of customer satisfaction by means of offer and service optimization
  • Increase in transparency and the impact of values for the entire company
  • INFONEA as management information system
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Screen of Customer Value Segmentation