Optimization of the Cost Situation in Healthcare Optimization of the Cost Situation in Healthcare


In healthcare – no matter whether it is a private or a statutory health insurance – one topic is dominating: cost explosions and as a consequence thereof the tightening of the mandatory spending caps. Treatments in hospitals, medications, medical treatments, and other costs such as benefits count as the biggest cost drivers.

INFONEA supports you in identifying those cost drivers e.g. with simulations of rebate for regulations, the analysis of risk structures via an automatic and rule-based customer segmentation into risk groups, or the evaluation of disease management programs. Here, INFONEA relies on functionalities for the structured comparison of insured groups, the finding of striking differences, and comparative cause studies.

Your benefit

  • Identification of cost drivers and determination of saving potential
  • Evaluation of new care models and their effectiveness
  • Stabilization of benefit payments and optimization of contracts
  • Illumination of the development of risk structures
  • Segmentation of insured groups, their comparison and risk assessment
  • Comprehension of regional dependencies (over/under-supply)

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