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Opinions influence buying decisions. The formation of an opinion takes place in blogs, forums, social networks such as LinkedIN, Google+ or Facebook, via Twitter, or on feedback boards of websites.

By means of sentiment analyses, INFONEA supports you in managing this flood of information – to use it and direct it.

The data from the internet is provided by partners and fed into INFONEA. Customers can specify which forums, communities, and further portals are to be integrated into that feed. The context sensitive text analysis method rests on a mathematical-statistical and linguistic basis comprising language recognition, combination, information extraction, and sentiment analysis.   Whenever a company runs a new campaign, company events meet media interest, or political and economical decisions have an impact on a certain sector, discussions run high in the internet. Oftentimes, end consumers exchange opinions and experiences, and quickly mood swings can escalate – either in a positive or a negative extreme from a company's perspective. With INFONEA, you are in the position to manifest your assumptions. Correlate the data feed from the internet with company events of any kind, which you can import in Excel format frictionless and quickly into INFONEA and then connect it to the feed. The insights can subsequently be used by specialist departments for the optimization of their tasks.
Which topic splits opinions strongly? Or do opinions drift to one extreme, or the other? Or do your data sources contain faulty information? Anomalies and patterns are shown in INFONEA via a rating system and give decisive hints at the composition of data ranges and their analysis.  

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