Target Group Analysis Target Group Analysis


In customer and campaign management as well as in direct marketing, target group analysis and optimization plays an important role. Target group analysis and optimization has the goal to identify attributes of buyers of certain products. Such an analysis is enabled by INFONEA via a target group modelling and scoring (e.g. via logistic regression as classification method). Based thereupon, you can derive target group descriptions and affinity scores for campaigns. In further steps, you can generate next best offers, determine buyer affinities, and identify cross as well as upselling potential.

Your benefit

  • Increase of campaign response rates by means of a dedicated targeting
  • Minimization of spreading loss and thus a decrease in campaign costs
  • Increase of campaign efficiency and ROI
  • Enhancement of customer satisfaction due to the offers’ accuracy of fit
  • Generation of new impulses for product development and marketing

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Screen of Target Group Analysis