Time Series Analysis Time Series Analysis


In today’s competitive environment, companies rely on the look ahead as one decisive factor. Reporting based on data from the past and present pave the path to the future: analyses show patterns, anomalies, and trends. Thus, companies can quickly and flexibly adapt their business, pointedly address their customers, and stay competitive at all times.

Your benefit

  • Time Series Analyses offer a sound basis for customer value segmentations and also offer decision support for aligning business strategies e.g. with regard to marketing and sales.
  • Even weak anomalies and trends are shown in INFONEA by means of a time series analysis. This gives companies the opportunity to react promptly and reach a temporal competitive advantage.
  • Changes in the company portfolio and respective customer reactions are visible at one glance. Companies are therefore in the position to flexibly adapt supply to demand.

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Screen of time series analysis